Paper size for Patent Drawings – A4 or Letter size

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Paper size for Patent Drawings – A4 or Letter size

We at Innovpat, prefer A4 size sheets (21.0 x 29.7 cm) for all the Patent drawings as it is the most acceptable sheet size, including the USPTO and the PCT.
The USPTO also accepts patent drawings on US Letter size i.e.- 8.5 x 11inches/21.6 x 27.9 cm.
We always recommend preparing patent drawings on A4 size as it is suitable and make our client’s independent for foreign filings too. Not only it saves our client’s time and effort, but also saves their money, hence economical.
37 CFR 1.84(f)
(f) Size of paper. All drawing sheets in an application must be the same size. One of the shorter sides of the sheet is regarded as its top. The size of the sheets on which drawings are made must be:
(1) 21.0 cm. by 29.7 cm. (DIN size A4), or
(2) 21.6 cm. by 27.9 cm. (8½ by 11 inches).

The PCT says that one of the copy of the drawings should be on the standard size (A4 Size) sheets.

PCT Rule 11.5 –
11.5 Size of Sheets:
The size of the sheets shall be A4 (29.7 cm x 21 cm). However, any receiving Office may accept international applications on sheets of other sizes provided that the record copy, as transmitted to the International Bureau, and, if the competent International Searching Authority so desires, the search copy, shall be of A4 size.

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