What is Patent drawings and its requirement in patent application

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What is Patent drawings and its requirement in patent application

There is an old famous saying- “A Picture speaks a thousand words and worth enough to tell a complete story”.
This seems so true. One can understand so much about looking at a picture or drawing. Drawing is such a basic, but important thing in our daily lives and utmost for any Patent application too as the description can’t be enough to understand any invention completely.
What patent drawings are?Patent drawings or illustrations in patent applications are the graphic visual form of Patent description or Invention which help and make easy to understand’ they basically aid in understanding the invention clearly. Accurate and clear drawings strengthen and enhance patent applications, helping overloaded patent examiners to understand inventions faster.
We can say that Patents are a form of commercial property allowing the owner to negotiate with potential investors while preserving their intellectual property rights. As per the Patent law, the design patents are granted to any new, original, appearance of the product. Typically, the Design patent application must have only a single claim. There has to be novelty in invention.

Requirement of patent drawings in Patent Application
Patents drawings are very important now we all know.so its requirement in patent application is also necessary. patent drawings in patent application lays great importance because of numerous good reasons as patent drawings describe the product or invention patent drawings are needed. These are also helpful in understanding the inventions more clearly. We can understand this by saying “The better the patent drawing is, the better the understanding of the invention”.
Also, with the help of patent drawings one can preserve the intellectual property right of any new invention which must be having claimed single time. patent drawings are of very much use in patent application as these are needed by the patent examiners at the patent and trademark offices to examine the authenticity or say the novelty of the invention. So we know now that Patent drawings strengthens and enhances the patent application by giving a clear picture about the new invention.
According to USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) guidelines, “The drawing disclosure is the most important element of the application and the drawings in design patent applications” constitute the entire visual disclosure of the

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